Cordoba is a mathematical game set in this historic city's period of splendour, when it was the capital of al-Andalus, from 1300 to 800 years ago. The period was not free from shadows, but they were also years of social and cultural prosperity, with the birth of people with an important impact on Science, Poetry, Medicine, Music, Historic Chronicles, Mathematics, Philosophy, etc.

The characters selected for the card game were largely chosen because of their cultural and social merits, rather than military or religious aspects. Even so, it is difficult to select just 20 characters from Cordoba`s rich history, and many had to be left out. The Omeya Caliphate deck of cards (green backs) show characters who lived when Qurtuba was the political and religious capital of al-Andalus (929-1031). The other deck (white backs) contains characters from the early years of al-Andalus, the Omeya Emirate (756-929) and the turbulent final years, the Taifas kingdoms (1031-1170). The characters in each deck are ordered without reference to real or historic reasons.

Of the many marvels found in Qurtuba, the seven historical settings chosen for the game were those which were not only important at the time, but continue to be particularly significant as historic monuments.

A card game for 2 players, set in the period of grandeur of the historical city of Cordoba.

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