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En producción

Mystical Games vuelve a la carga con AVGhost: Paranormal Investigation de Beatriz Alvarez & Pablo Miras.


Otros proyectos actuales de mecenazgo de juegos de mesa españoles o cercanos (de los que ya hemos hablado anteriormente):

  • Awkward Guests - Who Murdered Mr. Walton? de Ron Gonzalo García (Megacorpin Games en Kickstarter) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Antique de David Illescas (Zacatrus! en Verkami) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Batido ortográfico de Merce Arce Lasso (en Verkami) - Finalizado sin éxito.
  • Decedario de Diana de Arias (en Verkami) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Dungeon Universalis de Óscar Bribian Luna (Ludic Dragon Games en Kickstarter) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Enjambre Tácticas de Jorge Rufas Lasaosa (en Kickstarter) - Finalizado sin éxito.
  • Juego de Naipes de la Semana Santa de Sevilla de Antonio Esquivias Velarde (en Verkami) - Finalizado sin éxito.
  • Masterplan, a modern city-builder boardgame de Manu González & Carlos Martín-Fuertes (Abba Games en Kickstarter) - Cancelado.
  • Paradox University de Alberto Millán (APA Boardgames en Kickstarter) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Pseudónima II. Escribiendo en femenino (Editales en Verkami) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Retorik de Juanjo Mestre (en Verkami) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • Teruel, turning point of the Spanish Civil War + Una Guerra Justa y Cruel de Ivan Notario (Spania Games en Kickstarter) - Finalizado con éxito.
  • The Everrain de Adam Smith (Grimlord Games & Last Level en Kickstarter) - Finalizado con éxito.

El primer proyecto de Mystical Games  en 2014 fue el intento de financiar su juego AVGhost en Kickstarter USA, sin éxito en dos tentativas.
La editorial vuelve a presentar este juego en campaña de financiación en Kickstarter con un nuevo juego mejorado y nuevas ilustraciones de Beatriz Álvarez:


AVGhost: Paranormal Investigation is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, where you will take control of a team of paranormal investigators. All of them are part of a specialized agency that investigates and solves paranormal events and poltergeist. In the game, you will be hired by several people with issues, who will request you to cleanse their homes from troublesome ghosts and spirits. AVGhost Includes 6 different cases to investigate, with a total duration of nearly 30 hours of gameplay. The game is designed to be played in the dark, with support from a digital APP that will reveal clues, add background music and will startle you with the sounds and voices from different paranormal events. But you may also  play with the lights on and without the APP, by using the investigation booklet to completely replace the digital APP. 


Garphill tiene campaña de mecenazgo de su próximo juego en Kickstarter (en inglés). Ediciones Primigenio, que ya ha publicado anteriores juegos de esta editorial, ha anunciado que lo publicará en castellano.

Circadians: First Light
by S J Macdonald
We were light years from our home, galaxies away, when we first discovered this ancient celestial body - a planet filled with intriguing, intelligent lifeforms, not too unlike our own. Some built kingdoms below the surface of the green seas, while others controlled the desert-filled plains and cliffs. Among them we found scientists, inventors, farmers, traders and fighters. While our presence has been unsettling for some, we have had very few incidents with the locals. Still, we Circadians, Earth's famed explorers, must do what we can to ensure peace. We must respect this world and its hosts. The heads of Moontide passed down orders from above. We are to open negotiations with the three clans, in hopes of gaining their favor, along with our own security while on the planet. We must also collect organic samples for the depository on Moontide. This is new ground for all of us, but we must be brave and resourceful. The future of the Circadians depends on it.
Key Features:
8 Variable Player Powers, double-sided Clan Boards, double-sided Planet Board, 16 Event Cards and 36 unique Item Cards offer a huge amount of replayability.
- Simultaneous planning and minimal downtime between turns makes for a fast-paced gameplay.
- Engine building and card combos allow for multiple paths to victory.
- Unique resource harvesting mechanisms.
- Easy to administer Solo Mode with 4 different difficulty levels.

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